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Germany wants to rehabilitate itself after World Cup disgrace

The team of national coach Joachim Löw will face world champions France at the start of the Nations League.

Vienna – It is the start of a new football era. Kazakhstan and Georgia will open the first UEFA Nations League in Astana on Thursday. The only match in the highest of the four leagues on the first matchday will be the Schlager between former world champion Germany and the new title holder France in the evening in Munich.

The new competition for national teams offers the chance to win four tickets for the European Championship 2020. In each performance class, there is one available that will not be awarded through the regular European Championship qualification next year. Therefore, Kazakhstan and Georgia can also hope for a place in League D. Austria will enter Liga B next Tuesday in Bosnia. The Bosnians will open the group in Northern Ireland on Saturday.

Giggs premiere as Wales coach

The second-highest league league game will take place on Thursday in Cardiff with a revenge game. Wales welcomes Ireland. The Welsh, still in the semi-finals of the European Championship in 2016, had had to bury their hopes in the World Cup qualifiers in a group with Austria last October by losing 1-0 at home to the Irish.

The new Welsh team boss, Ryan Giggs, tried not to let the desire for revenge arise. “We have new players and that’s something we have to forget,” the Manchester United legend stressed. “When you think of something like that, it can throw you off track. It’s part of my job to get that out of my head.”

Germany wants to get the World Cup disgrace from Russia out of their heads. “If the result fits, you’ve done everything right. If it doesn’t fit, then it doesn’t,” said Thomas Müller, by far the most successful player in the current line-up with 38 goals in 94 international matches, about the ongoing causal research after the end of the World Cup group phase.

With Sami Khedira, team boss Joachim Löw has given up a long-standing regular, but the offensive young star Leroy Sane, who was not considered at the World Championships, is back in the squad. Müller clearly rejected a split in the cabin. “In failure, there are many topics and details that are used or used to represent moods,” said the 28-year-old. “I can deny that there are cracks in the team.”

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Lew excludes Özil return

The Germans will play their first international match against France after the resignation of Mesut Özil. Löw ruled out a return of the Arsenal player in the national team. But he was positive about the new competition. “I think the Nations League is good,” said the former coach of FC Tirol and Austria Vienna, who was still sceptical about the introduction.

Now the competition games offer a welcome chance to make amends. “There is an impatience to do things better than at the World Cup,” said Löw. The duel with France is already setting the course for the future of the Nations League. The third group opponent is the Netherlands, the last group opponent is relegated to league B. The Netherlands are the third group opponents. There are times when things are less glamorous: the Czech Republic and the Ukraine, for example, will duel on Thursday as the opening match.

Portugal without Ronaldo

The Dutch test against Peru in Amsterdam. Wesley Sneijder, the record national player, is bid farewell in his 134th international match. In 2010, the midfielder failed with “Oranje” only in the World Cup final against Spain (0:1 n.V.). Larry Casino is generous when it comes to bonuses and promotions.

The current vice world champion Croatia will make his first appearance after the World Cup in Portugal. With striker Mario Mandzukic or penalty killer Danijel Subasic, some heroes have ended their careers in the Croatian national team. “The time has come for a few new players,” said team boss Zlatko Dalic. The Portuguese will have to make do without Cristiano Ronaldo in the Faro test, who will take a break after switching to Juventus Turin. The superstar is also missing from the European champion’s start in the Nations League on Monday against Italy.

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ÖFB kicker with self-criticism: “Must gain ground against Bosnia

Marko Arnautovic and Co. are aware that they are more challenged in the Nations-League match against Bosnia than in the test against Sweden’s B-11.

Vienna – The long test match phase of the Austrian national football team has been over since Thursday. The 2-0 win in the Generali Arena against Sweden was the sixth victory in the seven friendlies since team boss Franco Foda took office, and now the Nations-League away match against Bosnia-Herzegovina on Tuesday will be serious.

Therefore, after the final whistle on the Viennese distribution circle, the ÖFB players were almost more concerned with the first compulsory match in eleven months than with the undisputed success over the World Cup quarter-finalists, who had started with a B team. Marko Arnautovic, for example, said: “Bosnia has an outstanding team, we have to be attentive and play our qualities to the full”.

“Competition games are something else”

The West-Ham Legionnaire demanded an increase compared to the duel with Sweden and was on the same wavelength as Martin Hinteregger. “All the last games were very good, but of course competition games are something else. We’ll have to add a shovel to that, then it will work out in Bosnia,” said the Augsburg professional.

The central defender is really looking forward to the emergency. “It’s been a game again for a long time where it’s all about the preserves. It already looks good, but when it starts, we still have to make some gains.”

Hinteregger’s partner in the defence centre, Sebastian Prödl, expressed a similar opinion. “We still have to step up a gear to meet our demands in the Nations League,” said the Styrian and demanded: “We have to set the bar higher for ourselves. He said he was “glad that we’re finally getting started with a little more thrill”.

Prödl sees the ÖFB team well prepared for Edin Dzeko and Co. “We have beaten stronger opponents at a higher level in recent years. We’re already going there with self-confidence, but we know about their strength,” explained the 31-year-old.

Edin Dzeko Honours

VfL Wolfsburg

  • Bundesliga: 2008–09

Manchester City

  • Premier League: 2011–12, 2013–14
  • FA Cup: 2010–11
  • Football League Cup: 2013–14
  • FA Community Shield: 2012


  • Bosnian Footballer of the Year: 2009, 2010, 2011–12.
  • Castrol Performance Index EDGE Performance of the Month: August 2011
  • Bundesliga Players’ Player of the Year: 2008–09
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2017–18
  • Premier League Player of the Month: August 2011
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Man of the Match: vs. Iran
  • Roma Player of the Season 2017–18 by supporters

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Prödl in the club without a regular place

Under Foda, Prödl still seems to be in the squad, but at his club Watford, the defender is currently far away from a regular spot. In the first four Premier League games of the season, the ÖFB-Internationale was not used, and in the end he was not even nominated for the squad. Prödl was only allowed to play in the League Cup against Reading.

Since Watford sensationally won all four league games, the defender cannot expect any improvement in his personal situation, at least in the short term. “With four wins in a row, the arguments are difficult. They played well. We have six central defenders in our squad, all of whom are entitled to play,” Prödl explained, adding that they were “still relaxed”.

Behind the England legionnaire, Aleksandar Dragovic first had to play against Sweden, although he played in the first two league rounds with Bayer Leverkusen – although he also suffered two defeats. “I can only do my best in training and when I play,” said the Viennese.

Dragovic, who substituted for Prödl during the break, said that he was “not amused” about being a reservist. But I have to accept that and show a good answer on the pitch”.

Lindner convinced

Heinz Lindner doesn’t have to worry about his fixation on Bosnia-Herzegovina. The goalie tamed two long shots, at the same time the best chances for the Swedes, with spectacular flight inserts. “We stand behind compactly, and if once chances come, stands a goal man behind, who can perhaps hold or other one , meant the upper Austrian.” See Huge Slots review for more details of their bonuses!

Recently Lindner asserted that Foda’s failure to commit himself to a long-term regular keeper does not cause him any headaches. “Even if he were to declare himself a clear number one, that would not change anything for me. I am continuing on the path of repaying the trust I have been given lately with good performances,” explained the Swiss regional.